Mog Gas

Mogadishu Gas Trading Company

With Social and community responsibility MUHARAM GROUP have vision to setup its first LPG plant where the community can avail LPG cylinders for domestic and commercial use at very less and reasonable rates.

With this vision Mr. Abdullahi Ali Adoon set upped its first ever plant in the capital of Somalia Company name called MOG


By this mean today local community stopped using charcoal and woods for there daily cooking needs and switched to use LPG.Which plays a tremendous decrease in cutting trees for charcoal and for woods.

Also, our first step inspired and motivated many other corporates to engaged themselves in LPG supply and distribution business for local communities. Today after us ten more new LPG plants setupped across Somalia.

Our Vision:

By coming 2020 our company aimed reached each and every door of somalia.

For this we already started the Green campaign where our volunteers visit each city, town, small town and villages of  Somalia and educate the community about uses of LPG and how we can save trees by using lpg.

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